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The Jambū Island

This book chronologically organizes the Rishis, kings, literary evolution, people's lives, and scientific progress based on Sanskrit and Tamil literature. Through rigorous reconciliation, it aims to eliminate myths, confusions, interpolations, and exaggerations. The aim is to offer a clear, logical and captivating narrative, enriched with pictures.

The chronology includes the ancient Rishis such as Bhrugu, Atri, Vaśishtha, Viśvāmitra, Paraśurāma, Bhāradvāja, Dīrgatamas, Agastya, Krishna Dvaipāyana, and more. Additionally, it accurately positions renowned kings like Purūravas, Yayāti, Śibi, Hariśchandra, Bhagīratha, Bharata, Raghu, Rāma, Kurū, Krishna, Yudhishthira, and others in their respective timelines.

Furthermore, this period encompasses significant events including the rendering of the Vedic mantras by the Rishis, the Aryan clan split towards Iran resulting in the formation of the Zōrōastrians, the atrocities and defeat of the Haihaya clan, fusion of Nāgās and other native tribes into the Vedic religion, Āryan colonization of South India, and the Bharata battle at Kurukshetra.

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